January 24, 2010

Lyman children: (Parents Platte DeAlton Lyman and Adelia Robison)

The children who came down the "Hole" :
Evelyn   More information needed

Albert Robison:  Albert was Platte’s oldest living son.  He greatly revered his father.  Albert R. became a prolific San Juan County historian and writer. San Juan Record Article

Albert R. is affectionaly referred to as "The Old Settler" of Blanding as he and his wife, Mary Ellen “Lell” Perkins, were the first settlers to come to stay.  He was born in Fillmore, January 10, 1880, while his father was already building a road down the Hole-in-the-Rock.  Although Albert spent part of his childhood in Scipio, his first love was in Bluff. 
He rode the range with his father and caught the spirit of the mesas and buttes while doing his work.  As a young man of 17 he worked on the ditch brining water to White Mesa, leaving it only while he went on a mission to Great Britain in 1898.
Pioneering on White Mesa, hard and discouraging though it was, was the most important and fascinationg thing in his life.  Making a home for his small family in the wilds was a challenge he pushed forward to meet.  Watching the county grow, the new innovations come into being, gave him confidence in his far reaching dreams.
He raised a large family of 15 children, struggling all the while to garner the necessities of life.  He taught the the principles of the Gospel and the beauties of the San Juan country.
He found it necessary to leave the area for several years, but his thoughts were back in his old hometown.  Some time after the death of "Lell" he came back to Blanding to settle down to make another home for his smaller children, bringing with him for his wife, Gladys Perkins Tomney, Lell's sister.  Aunt Gladys was a wonderful helpmeet and companion to him.
One of the outstanding experiences of his life, was the Indian mission that he and Gladys served in Toadlena.  Another was the experiences they had starting an Indian School in Blanding in 1946.

(See Articles in Blue Mountain Shadows Vol 21:  Albert R. Lyman: Storyteller and Vol 24 about his home and The Swallows Nest p. 60-61)

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