January 23, 2010

Holyoak children; (Parents Henry and Sarah Ann Robinson)

5 Holyoak Children on trek: (Follow links on each name to learn more)
When the church called colonizers for San Juan, the Henry Holyoak family were among those who were called from Parowan, 1879-80, (probably the 69 quorum of seventies).. . .Sarah Ann drove her own wagon most of the way. She had a bed in it as well as a stove to keep her young children comfortable, the baby being very young. Henry John and Alice Jane drove the livestock, (which consisted of about 100 head of
cattle, a yoke of oxen and some horses, at the time they moved on to Moab). The calves were tied up at night and in the morning the dairy cows were milked. The milk put in the barrel churn on back of the wagon would, by night, supply the family with fresh butter as well as milk

Alice Jane  She married 14 Dec 1892 Manti, Sanpete Co, Utah to James Crooks Thomson, (b. 4 Mar 1862, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire Co, Scotland , d. 22 Nov 1933, Cardston, Alberta, Canada)
Her Children 1. Marion Thomson, b. 15 Jun 1895, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d.1895, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA
2. James Holyoak Thomson, b. 12 Oct 1897, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. 21 Apr 1969
3. Henry Robert Thomson, b. 12 Oct 1897, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. 19 Jan 1969, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
4. George Albert Thomson, b. 6 Jun 1911, Raymond, Alberta, Canada , d. 25 May 1988, Raymond, Alberta, Canada

Henry John:  Born 29 October 1870 Paragonah,Iron,Utah.  He married Hattie Elizabeth Lutz (1875-1933) 9 April 1897 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. He died 24 December 1960, buried in Moab.
Henry John was a young man at the time of the Hole-in-the-Rock expedition. He remembered this about the first part of their trip, heading towards Escalante. "While crossing the mountain snow fell until it was up to the axles of the wagons. I drove the loose stock, and got my feet frozen. While crossing the divide my mother drove one of the wagons, with a team of horses, while my father drove the wagon drawn by an ox team.
He also commented about Cottonwood Hill: The road was steep and the chain broke and the wagon turned over, the tongue went up in the air and lit upside down in the road so we had to take it to pieces and pack it up on top so we could put it together. We had a hive of bees and had to wait till we could sack the bees before we could start packing the pieces of the wagon and the load up the hill. That took a lot of work to get things together.
Their 10 Children:
1. Richard LeRoy Holyoak, b. 11 Jan 1898, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. 2 Jun 1975, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA
2. Jesse Gilbert Holyoak, b. 6 Jan 1899, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. Yes, date unknown
3. Johnie Orral Holyoak, b. 30 May 1902, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. 9 Jan 1919
4. Alvie Eugene Holyoak, b. 9 Dec 1904, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. 29 Nov 1964, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA
5. Clarence Alma Holyoak, b. 28 Oct 1906, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. 24 Sep 1966, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA
6. Arnell Henry Holyoak, b. 24 Mar 1908, d. 23 May 1991
7. Glen Arther Holyoak, b. 19 Oct 1911, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. 17 Dec 1987, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA
8. Ray Clayton Hollyoak
9. Veda Marie Holyoak
10. Rubie Lucille Holyoak, b. 15 Aug 1921, Moab, Grand Co, Utah, USA , d. 26 Jan 1966

Mary Luella was born about 1872 in Paragonah, Iron, UT; She married Alma Darius Young 1 October 1902 Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,Utah,USA .  She died 1926 in Moab, Utah.
Eliza Hellen  b.1875), married John Luther McConkie (b.1873) For more information follow links on Holyoak web site.
Albert Daniel

The Holyoaks became the backbone of the development and stablity of Moab

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