January 25, 2010

Larson children: (Parents Mons and Olivia Ekelund)

Children on the Trek:   More information needed
1. Moroni Mons was born 22 January 1877 Santaquin, Utah; married Naomi Greenhalgh on 10 November 1898; died 18 July 1958 Safford, Graham, AZ

2. Lars Andrew (1878-1973)
3. John Rio One of the most famous of the trek children, as he was born on the journey.

Steven A. Smith tells of the incident of the baby's birth for he arrived upon the scene just before the mother had been put into the tent. He had been left with two wagons and only one team when his father, Silas S. Smith, had gone back to Salt lake City from Excalante in order to secure an appropriation from the Legislature for road building supplies, dynamite, picks and shovels. These were given him to be sent to the company, but his legislative work had delayed him and the snow became so deep he couldn't get back to join them. Steven would keep up with the wagon train and when the would stop he would take his team back for the wagon which was left behind. It was when he was bringing in the second wagon that he saw these people camped off to the side of the road, as he says, "On the backbone between the Colorado and San Juan rivers." "What are you stopping here for?" he asked, surprised that they should be where there was neither protection from the weather, a tree or a spring. To his surprise he was informed "that Sister Larson had a new son..."

The third day after the birth of the Larson baby, the Larsons and the Deckers moved on to join the company which had gone ahead. Mrs. Z. B. Decker wanted Mrs. Larson to ride with her because they had a stove in their wagon, but Mons wanted her to ride with her because he would not trust her with another driver. Because of Olivia's unusual vitality, she was able to be up the fourth day, packed her belongings and climbed into the wagon travelling all day over rocky roads. She said the baby never had colic. If it wasn't snowing she could bathe him, otherwise, this wise young mother of twenty-three, who now had three babies, rubbed him with flannel instead of bathing him.

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