January 21, 2010

Harriman Children: (Parents, Henry Harrison and Sarah Elizabeth Hobbs)

Henry George, 1873-1917
Mary Clarissa, 1874-1936
John Alma was born 1876 and died at about age 6 in 1883 of measles.
Lizzie Constance died at Montezuma at about age 3, possibly of snake bite in 1881. They are buried at Montezuma, and no photographs exist of either of them. We have record that Lizzie Constance was blonde with blue eyes.

William (photo) was born to the family at Montezuma in 1881. Lund (The Undaunted) indicates that the Harrimans moved to Huntington, Utah in 1884 (p. 780).

A great deal on this family has been researched and written by Ron McDonald.  See Vol 30, Blue Mountain Shadows.

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