January 17, 2010

Decker children: (James Bean and Anna Maria Mickelsen)

Anna Lillian:  Born 13 Nov 1875 in Parowan, Iron, Ut. Died: 17 Jul 1963 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Ut  She married Joseph Henry Wood 17 December 1902.  They had 8 children.  One of the most famous being Aunt Josephine Woods, the midwife of Bluff. 
    Lillian Decker Wood served as Superintendent of the San Juan Schools from 1900-1904.  She also taught for two years at Verdure at the same time.  There were only two school in the county at that time.

Salt Lake City, S-Lk, Ut
Nancy Genevieve was born: 20 Oct 1877 in Parowan, Iron, Ut. Died: Oct 1964 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Ut

Lena Deseret Decker was born January 3, 1880 at Fifty-mile camp. They were fifty miles from the nearest settlement, one hundred miles from a doctor, and 150 miles from their anticipated home. The winter of 1880 was considered one of the worst in Utah history. Snow covered the camp, and cold permeated the living quarters of the camp. To make Anna Marie comfortable, a wagon box was lifted off of its wheels and placed on the ground. Snow was then banked around it two or three feet high to act as insulation and keep out wind drafts. Lena was one of two babies born on the trip. (Hole in the Rock site) She died Died: 19 Oct 1920.
(Lena is mentioned on pp. 48, 81, 176 Hole in the Rock by Miller)

Decker family history

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