January 17, 2010

Davis Children: (Parents James and Mary Elizabeth Fretwell)

1. Edward Fretwell
2. James Henry Fretwell
3. Emily Ellen:  By the winter of 1880/81 the Davis family was in their new cabin on their farm in Montezuma.  Emily was eight-years-old during 1881 and she recorded her memories of Montezuma.  "Our house was not far from the river.  It was surrounded by trees and flowers.  The trees were the largest I have ever seen.  Two or three of us could run around them and lose sight of eachother.  The sweet peas grew to a great height in the underbrush and how beautiful they were.  On the mesa, nature had planted one of the most beautiful flower gardens that ever grew anywhere (McDonald, Blue Mt. Shadows Vol. 30 p. 28)

Another quote from Emily: “One day I was left alone with my five-year-old brother. Mother had goneto the Haskell cabin to spend some time sewing with Sister Haskell. I lifted an iron kettle of boiling water from the hook in the fireplace. It turned in my hand, and scalding water went on my foot. “An Indian, passing by heard my cries. He came in and put me on his lap and treated my burns with flour. For six weeks I never walked, but I will always remember the Indian’s kindness.”

4. John Orson
5. Ethel Olive was the first known white child born in San Juan.

Davis Family history

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