January 17, 2010

Barney children (Barney, Danielson Buren and Laura Matthews)

Buren Onley Barney: (Birth 28 September 1860 -- Provo, Utah, Utah, USA--Death 30 January 1904 (Age 43) -- Thatcher, Graham, Arizona, USA),
Alfred Alonzo Barney: (Birth 8 September 1865 -- St. George, Washington County, Utah--Death 24 July 1942 (Age 76) -- Payson, Utah, Utah),  On one ferry boat as they were crossing the Colorado River, the oxen began hooking and crowding the cows. They crowded the cows off into the river, and then jumped off themselves. Alfred the son of Danielson was knocked off into the river with the cattle as well.
Laura May Barney: (Birth 4 August 1868 -- Pine Valley, Washington County, Utah--Death 17 March 1955   (Age 86) -- Thatcher, Graham County, Arizona) ,
Rachel Sophey Barney:  (Birth 16 September 1870 -- Pine Valley, Washington County, Utah--Death 23 April 1948 (Age 77) -- Alameda, Alameda, California),
Edson Elroy Barney: ,
Eliza Melina Barney: ,
Betsey Maud Barney: ,
Bird Ella Barney:  (Birth 24 April 1877 -- Pine Valley, Washington County, Utah--Death 11 February 1935 (Age 57) When they were going up a hill, one of the horses balked and backed them over the edge. The wagon tipped over about four times and landed right side up at the bottom of the hill. The horses were on top of it with the tongue broken. The horses were not hurt. Danielson's little daughter, Birdette, who was about five years old, was asleep in the wagon, but she was not hurt. This story is mentioned in The Undaunted.

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