January 17, 2010

Cox child: (Parents: Samuel and Sarah Gane)

Sarah Marchant Cox was born 12 June 1871 London, Middlesex, England.  She was baptized 12 June 1879.  This was the same year the Hole-in-the-Rock Party left for San Juan.

She was married to Erastus Olson (who was born 1 Apr 1863, Manti, Sanpete County, UT, USA)
She died 25 July 1906 (shortly after the birth of her last son) in Beazer, AB, Canada which is where her father Samuel also died.

Their children were:
1. Clarence OLSEN, b. 21 Dec 1889, Spanish Fork, UT, USA
2. Elmer Erastus OLSEN, b. 25 Jun 1891, Price, Carbon County, UT, USA
3. Clara May OLSEN, b. 14 May 1893, Price, Carbon County, UT, USA
4. George Gane OLSEN, b. 26 Jul 1894, Price, Carbon County, UT, USA
5. Murrel Edwin OLSEN, b. 19 Sep 1896, Price, Carbon County, UT, USA
6. Charles Albert OLSEN, b. 31 Jul 1898, Cardston, AB, Canada
7. Ray OLSEN, b. 3 Jan 1900, Cardston, AB, Canada
8. Myrtle Francess OLSEN, b. 18 Jan 1901, Aetna, AB, Canada
9. Seren Melvin OLSEN, b. 30 Sep 1903, Aetna, AB, Canada
10. Carl Emmer OLSEN, b. 2 Jul 1906, Beazer, AB, Canada

Family History
After the Coxes and Olsens moved to Cardston, Canada, Sarah Marchant Olsen was called to serve as the YWMIA president, and assisted her father in directing plays. She spent a great deal of time working with the youth an dwas well loved by young and old alike. While living in Aetna she gave birth to three children, Ray, who lived only a few days, Myrtle and Melvin. When she left, Bishop Andrew Jensen said she was the hardest worker in the ward.

The Olsen and the Cox’s moved to Beazer Nov 10, 1905. Erastus Olsen was sustained as YMMIA President and Sarah Marachant as YWMIA Pres. Sarah Gane was called as Relief Society President and Samuel Cox as ward chorister and drama director. Many plays and musicals were put on under his direction. He was also called to organize and instruct a class in religion that met after school. He was a special friend of the young boys. Putting his carpentry skills to good use he taught them to make toys, cannons and swords and performed in the parade on Dominion Day. His skill in carpentry was also used in the building of the meetinghouse in Beazer, and wherever he could be of help. His home showed the mark of his talent with hand carved picture frames, and furniture. Of particular interest to visitors was a rocking chair with hand carved dogs resting on each arm.

The next summer, July 2, 1906 a tenth child was born to Sarah Marchant and Erastus Olsen, a son Carl. His mother did not recover and passed away on July 25. She was 35 years old. Pres Woods spoke at her funeral July 26 in Aetna to an overflow crowd. She was buried in Aetna.  Her mother helped to raise her children after she died.
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