January 19, 2010

George W. Decker, (Son of Decker, Zachariah Bruyn, Sr. and brother of James Decker)

George William Decker is included on pp. 43,49,50, 54, 80, 104, 109, 122, 200-206 of Miller's book. Inscription on back of photo:

George was only 15 when the pioneers descented the dangerous Hole in the Rock: Ensign article says: On 26 January 1880, everything was ready. George W. Decker, then a boy of fifteen, told of the first wagons to pass through the notch: “Hy’s and Ben’s wagons came to the Chute in this order. Hy’s horses refused to face the Chute—too steep—and they had too clear a view of the river about two-thousand feet below. They tried another team with the same rearing and surging backward and still a third team. … Joe [Barton] brought his big wheel horses and they moved off unconcerned but very slow and sure, feeling their way with their large careful feet for they were totally blind [an epidemic of “Pink Eye” had blinded them as well as hundreds of other horses in southern Utah more than a year earlier]. … Joe’s horses, calm and sure, gave the other horses courage to go down. … The crowd at the top came to life with chatter, laughter, and a crazy explosion of hurrahs.”

From George Decker’s journal, we get this insight into Ben Perkins: “Among those who loved to dance was Benjamin Perkins. His snappy Welch jigs furnished no end of entertainment and enjoyment for the entire company.”

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