February 2, 2010

Westover, George Henry

George Henry Westover was born 25 OCT 1865 (or 1866) in St. George, Utah and died 5 OCT 1941 Huntington, Utah. Genealogy

He would have only been 14 on the trek. His parents were Charles Beal Westover who was born: 27 NOV 1827 at: Licking, Muskingham, Ohio. (Charles married Mary Eliza Shumway on 1 SEP 1856 at: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. She was the daughter of Charles Shumway and Julie Ann Hooker (who died at Winter Quarters 1846).

George's half-sister was Eliza Ann Westover Redd, wife of Lemuel H. Redd Jr. They had the same father, but Eliza's mother was Eliza Ann Haven. George evidently was traveling with the Redds.

George is mentioned in Miller's book p. 77: He was herding animals for LH Redd and James M. Redd, whom he expressed the highest regard. He and another boy got lost in a snow storm and to keep from freezing they wrestled all night long. They were so tired and sleepy, but kep on until daylight, when they were able to get back to camp. (on a card sent to Lucretia Raney from Lina Walker, daughter of George Westover.) [Suggest doing a genealogy search on Lina's name.]

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