February 2, 2010

Robb, Mary Ann: (Parents George Drummand and Caroline Jones )

Mary Ann Robb was born 1 September 1876 Paragonah, Iron, Utah.
She maried James Samuel Mathis 3 April 1902  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
She died in 1950.  She was the oldest of her siblings.

On September 1, 1878, (note difference in date)  Caroline (known as Cally) gave birth to their first child, Mary Ann. Shortly after her birth, George and his brothers William, John and Adam received a call to fill a mission in San Juan County. When asked in later years what people did with their land and homes when they accepted such a call, George answered, “We just left them behind without looking back and without any regrets.” George and Cally were never to return to Paragonah to live.

They left in late October 1879, for the difficult journey through the Hole-in-the-Rock
to Bluff. Their second daughter Ellen was born February 3, 1880. (Genealogy record says it was 1881) [The family believes she was born en route to Bluff, but historical accounts of the Hole-in-the-Rock do not include her as born on the way.]
Like the other Robb brothers, George did not stay long in Bluff, moving with some of his brothers to Mancos, Colorado. After only a year in Mancos, George and Cally decided to return to Paragonah, via the Old Spanish Trail.

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